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Disputes within groups

    There is a possibility that members misbehave and that the group does not know how to deal with the disagreements. Well, this kind of thing happens all the time and is quite normal. In such a case, the member in question should be approached by the facilitators or a specific mediator and they will talk about what happened and how it can be avoided for the future. What tool can be used to resolve this is up to each group - the important thing is to work through the issues rather than push them to the back and eventually it becomes irreparable.

    If there are frequent complaints and it can't be resolved through a face-to-face conversation, at some point the group will have to decide how to handle the situation. The point is not to "finish" anyone off, but to allow the issue to be worked through and for everyone to find a solution. The moderator is not the leader in this process, but simply a facilitator who ensures that things run smoothly. We call this procedure a "vote of no confidence" because at some point it comes down to the fact that one or more members are no longer trusted. The extent to which the "meeting" goes is determined by the groups themselves. For example, the group may disassociate itself from individual members and cooperation may not be possible. As long as the member does not act against the Helfa community, she can be taken out of a group, but can continue to be part of the Helfa community by going to another group. If she harms the community, she has to be removed from the whole project. This does NOT mean that this person cannot live the Helfa idea anymore - it only means that for the time being, due to lack of alternatives, he/she is no longer sustainable. If the "attitude" changes, it is possible that the person will come back at some point. Because we firmly believe that we humans must all stick together to create peace. And this cannot be done by separating some people from others. However, this cannot always be done and at all times. Therefore, as written, a first separation is sometimes indispensable.

    What does not work at all is that people, members, are simply removed from a group without warning or reason. This is against each of the 10 principles. Therefore, let's work together to learn a new way of being with each other and to apply it.