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How the idea of H.e.l.f.a. came about

    In many laws, constitutions and conventions, among other things, human dignity and self-determination are given special meaning and importance. In reality, however, we see how these and other human values are increasingly subordinated to economic, technological and material interests.

    The credo of the economy: faster, higher, better, further (and more beautiful) has long since also shaped social interaction. Competitive battles, division and egomania are the result. We are constantly confronted with the often unrealistic lives, careers and achievements of others (my house, my car, my horse...). The resulting permanent comparison among ourselves leads to dissatisfaction, envy and resentment. As a result, we are constantly optimizing ourselves, our environment and also others in order to "function" better and/or be better than others - but why or for what do we really do that?

    Furthermore, the ongoing global competition and capitalism leads to an injustice towards a part of the earth's population that does not have enough to eat and drink, while in the so-called western world people live in abundance.

    What falls by the wayside is what really counts: our humanity in togetherness, our families and relationships, friendships and our health.
    This is a vicious circle from which many only break out when the body and psyche point out with more serious symptoms that something is going wrong in life.

    This leads us to ask: What in our lives is really real and has substance?

    As a result of the fact that these insights are increasingly penetrating people's consciousness, a worldwide movement has been triggered in which alternative models of life are actively being sought - for the benefit of people, animals and nature.
    A new way of making society more humane is needed for people to help and support each other successfully.

    This is not a matter of fundamentally rejecting the old. Rather, it means examining the existing to see whether it serves people, animals and nature in the best sense. We are not only asked to question the existing structures, but also what we have learned and experienced, including our habits and beliefs.

    It is an inventory of what is true and real, of what is of importance for all our well-being and of what really has substance. And this substance should be continuous and lasting. This may not be easy at first, but we firmly believe that every effort is worth it.

    In this process of change it is necessary to think anew, to find new ways and / or to use the old mechanisms differently. In the process, it is also possible to implement and use existing structures that work well, just as before.

    We must all be aware that there is no patent solution for change. After all, we do not want all people to be brought into line with one another. Everyone contributes his or her needs and wishes. Regional and cultural characteristics and differences will also be taken into account.

    We will try out many things and discard those that do not work, so that we can check at any time what is helpful for the togetherness.

    With this handbook, we at H.e.l.fa. present a solution approach on how a new social coexistence with values such as compassion, respect, voluntariness, humanity, cohesion, empathy, understanding, support, tolerance, lived love and personal responsibility can work.

    Enjoy reading.